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Tips will be updated ever so often, so keep checking this site to learn how to be awesome!
Tip1: Wear sunglasses
Tip2: Be smart, but not TOO smart
Tip3: Play and like video games
Tip4: Play an instrument
Tip5: Make a website
Tip6: Have a big yard
Tip7: Be funny
Tip8: Be weird
Tip9: Have an obsession in something you don't like, like cheeseburgers, for example
Tip10: Memorize a popular movie song, like 'Everything is Awesome' or 'Let it Go'
Tip11: Make your own made up country
Tip12: Have an awesome middle name
Tip13: Play with LEGO Products
Tip14: Speak a diffrent language
Tip15: Watch the most recent movies
Tip16: Play a sport
Tip17: Have a tech device, like a tablet, phone, TV, computer, Xbox, etc.
Tip18: Submit a tip to the "Upload a Tip" page