My Poems

Hi there! Come in! Join the fun! It's show time!

TIM a limerick by Evan

There once was a fellow named Tim
Who's dad never taught him to swim
He jumped off the dock
And sank like a rock
And that was the last of him.

MOUTAIN DEW a synonym poem by Evan

Good, awesome, tasty, yummy
Always fumdunktios in the tummy!

HEY! Easter Bunny! a poem of address by Evan

Hey!-Easter Bunny,
Why was there no money in the eggs?
ARG,where is my chocolate bunny?
MY stuffed bunny is covered in mud
Now my pet bunny can speak Chinese too
OH, GREAT! There's a army of bunnies coming toward me---

FIELD TRIPS a persona poem by Evan

Oh, field trips,
Do not conquer me with fear
Please don't be so mean
Don't send earthquakes in force
I'm hiding from the Hurricane Eye
And lightning, thunder too
No tornados ripping apart our bus.
I'm hiding from you
With Fears,
(now, that poem is totally NOT true, I LOVE FIELD TRIPS)

BED COVERS a persona poem by Evan

Dear snugly bed covers,
Thanks for sharing
I need the blankie
What pretty patterns you have
You feel like a heater
You are the Shield of Dark
With Thanking Little Hearts,
The Teddy Bears


The Leaning Tower of Homework,
Was supposed to be straight,
But the teacher threatened us with forks.
And said:"Do your homework, it is your fate."

The Leaning Tower of Homework,
100 ft tall,
Would fill up the full hall,
Of Alderwood Mall!

The Leaning Tower of Homework,
Will threaten us all.
So do your homework,
Or concequences will come!    

P.E. a poem by Evan

Basketballs fly,
And watch OUT!
The dodgeballs aimed at you!

The jumpropes snap,
The soccer balls hurt,
The bicycle runs out of air!

The P.E. teacher,
Blames on us.
"You did it again,
You popling freaks!"
Oh, Physical exersise...
Is finally over!
(OK, that poem is a LITTLE weird!)  
© 2018 by Wizenjay Magilnor, Jimmy the Trumpet, Moetivious the Soccer Ball, Squirr Aalll the Dead Soccer Ball, Hela, Jiggle, Nave Nij Yreg, Exenwan Naviety, E. Tah Cheezburger, Jih Glei Waffles, and Evan